Don’t Lose Your Mind if You Lose or Damage Your Car Key

The U.S. has more than 272 million vehicles registered. These include motorcycles, passenger cars, buses, trucks, and others.

All these vehicles have keys, key fobs, remotes or transponders used to lock, unlock and generally operate them.

 When a key, key fob, transponder or remote to your car gets lost, the conventional way is to go through the tedious process of calling your car’s manufacturer for help.

 The stressful experience of damaged or lost car keys doesn’t have to have you up in arms. Learn when it’s time for car key reprogramming.

What to Do After You’ve Lost Car Keys

The first thing you should do once you’ve lost your car keys is to find out what kind of key it was. While most car keys have a transponder chip, there are various car key types, and each has its own method of replacement. 

 They’re as follows:

1. Basic Car Keys

This type of key was commonly found in older model cars and has little security with it. The owner of the car needs to install other security measures to keep their car from getting stolen.

If such a car key gets lost, you would only seek a cutting tool to cut out your new key. The problem with these keys is that, unless you had a spare key, you’d need to find the manufacturer or specific locksmith to give you a new one. These types don’t need any key programming.

2. Car Key Remote Control

These are keys programmed that can control the car from a distance just like a TV remote control does. These keys communicate with your car’s security system through infrared or radio waves.

For lost car keys with remote controls, you will need to have another key programmed to work with your specific car.

Car key programming takes the form of buying a key or key fob with a blank transponder. This transponder is then programmed to work with your car’s alarm system. A simple search on Google for a ‘car key programmer near me’ will link you up with a key programmer who will get you a new key in no time.

3. Car Key Transponder

Car key programming started to take shape when there were lots of cars stolen in the early 1990s. The first car key transponders came about with the technology involving the inclusion of an electronic transponder chip in a key or key fob. The chip sends a code to the car’s computer to lock or unlock it.

With a lost car key, a local locksmith is able to reprogram a blank transponder to work with your car. Some cars have spare keys also used to program new keys to work with the car at home as stated in their manuals.

There are car key transponders with rolling codes. These kinds of keys create a unique code with every use. As such, each time the key is in use, a new code gets generated by the key and the car’s onboard computer. Replacing these keys is still possible with the locksmith near you.

4. The Switchblade Car Key

This is a two-in-one setup both with a physical key and a fob. The fob functions as a remote control for the car as it has a transponder chip. It also houses the key which is pulled out and used when the fob’s battery runs out.

The reprogramming of this kind of key is very similar to the other keys stated above as it’s the transponder that’ll get reprogrammed.

5. Smart Car Keys

The smart key first made its debut in the Mercedes-Benz S-Class series. Its wonder lies in its ability to do more than lock and unlock a car.  The key fob has the capabilities to set music preferences, climate control, and even seating position. 

Most smart keys get programmed so that the car can sense the presence and absence of the key and still function. Some cars even lock themselves whenever the smart key is out of range. Smart keys come with a physical key in the design of the switchblade key.

Smart car keys use the rolling security codes approach whereby a new random code gets generated with every use making them secure.

Reprogramming smart keys are more complex and some locksmiths may not manage this task. However, new technologies such as what EZ Key Programming has come up with, offer an easy solution to this problem.

6. Valet Car Keys

Valet car keys act as extra keys which only give access to car doors and the ignition without access to private areas such as the storage compartments. Reprogramming such keys is the work of the car manufacturer. 

7. Master Car Key

These were car keys used by car dealerships to replace lost car keys through reprogramming. They are, however, not available anymore as programming is nowadays digital. These keys were only replaced by the dealership.

 Most of these keys can are reprogrammable by your local locksmith except for a few such as the master and valet keys which require the input of the dealership or car manufacturer.

The Process of Reprogramming Car Keys

The process of reprogramming lost car keys requires buying a blank transponder (one without a code) then having a locksmith program it to match your car’s security system. This process often takes between 30 minutes to an hour for most cars.

 There’s, however, a better method which takes less time, costs less and is completely doable at home. The method was debuted by EZ Key Programming and involves downloading an app and having the firm’s representative reprogram the transponder in less than 10 minutes. 

Get Your Lost Car Keys Reprogrammed Today

The technology invented by EZ Key Programming is a game-changer for lost car keys. Besides reducing the time and money spent on getting a new key, you’re always sure of getting help with your car keys. This method allows you to program the number of keys you want in a short time.

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